CleansBy breaking the molecular chain of the hydrocarbon, the complete disintegration of pollution.
Eliminates the need for confinement

When stop being a hydrocarbon contaminant and lose their characteristics, there is no need for confinement!

No more special transfer

Since it is no longer a hazardous waste, but rather is now a base fertilizer



Ecological remediation

Recover depleted soils and found unfit for its natural use. Refunds them to ecosystem.

Green productbioGRASS EXTRA® does not harm nature, because it is based water 100% vegetable concentrated.

It is not a product made for human consumption, but if for some reason, someone were to ingest,  absolutely nothing would happen.



 EPA-logo biograss extra US Patent
EPA listed

bioGRASS EXTRA® is listed by the Environmental Protection Agency  of US Government as an approved product that passed all their intensive analysis.

US PatentbioGRASS EXTRA® is patented in the United States certifying that checked all the benefits listed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


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