The Problem



Today the enormous problem posed by oil pollution affects all aspects of the oceans, beaches, shores, rivers, lands, animals, plants, warehouses, transit routes, industrial canteens, workshops, maintenance areas, etc., present as oils, spills, fats, debris, burrs, leaks, cleaners, solvents, etc.


Negatively impacting generates odors, pests, costs, man hours applied to cleansing, dredging, cleaning of grease traps, etc.
Affecting not only our working area, but forcing us to put valuable areas for confinement, treatment or transfer that becomes an environmental liability.

We know that today exist proposals, products, technologies and methodologies that provide cleaning contaminated bodies as those mentioned above … but we also know that not a great solution to the problems already mentioned, nor satisfy the ecological requirements, because contamination has not ceased to exist … just was moved from one place to another, creating a necessity of transfer and containment.

In most cases, they are using different products like dispersants, emulsifiers, flocculants, binders, acids and other compounds at a given time kidnapping or encapsulating for a while the pollution and hidden from view, resulting over months  substances much more damaging, as well as not eliminate pollution, are now present acids and extremely corrosive and poisonous compounds, which need in turn compounds increasingly powerful… more dangerous and exacerbating the problem…

Faced with this huge problem and finding alternatives they offer us today as “Solutions” begs the question:

Is that a real remediation?


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