In the Oil Industry

For remediation on affected:
Sand / Soils / Farmland / Water, etc.

For cleaning:
Refineries / Platforms / Boats / Machinery / Equipment, etc.

For washing:
Drilling cutouts / Storage tanks / Conduit pipes, etc.

Cleansing and Treatment of Contaminated Water

From spills in oceans, lagoons, rivers or bodies of water to Produced Water, bioGRASS EXTRA® breaks down the molecular chain of hydrocarbons, thus initiating the cleaning and remediation.

In other Industries and General Applications

General cleaning of:
Facilities / machinery / parking spaces / equipment, etc.

Treatment of:
Grease Traps / Drains / Wastewater / Non-synthetic burned oils, etc.

Washing of affected Fauna

During and after an environmental contingency, the affectation to fauna is usually a trigger for other types of damage in the short, medium and long term, not only to the fauna itself, but also to the ecosystem in which they coexist, thus unleashing a series of environmental impacts that can radically change our nature.
bioGRASS EXTRA® is not toxic to birds and wildlife when cleaned and treated, since it is of natural and organic origin.